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2016 : Marex 310 Sun Cruiser

The Marex 310 Sun Cruiser is the evolution of the old Marex 280, later also known as the Marex 300. It has a great social area, with a helm that has seats for 3 people to sit in the forward direction. We have found space for a large pantry, 2 cabins with a changing room, and a usable shower room.


The hardtop includes huge sunroofs, which give you an open boat feeling, if desired. Also, the aft canopy is stored in the side lockers, and can be pulled out around the aft, quick and easy.


With every cm of space being fully used, this is a small wonder of a boat.


Length: 9,46 m
Beam: 3,24 m
Engine: Single Diesel
Cruising speed: N/A
Top speed: 25 - 30 kt
Berths: 4 + 2

2014 : Marex 375

The all new Marex 375 is be the biggest boat from Marex yet.
This boat has two large sitting social areas, inside and outside, while the outside area can be completely modified to the owners wishes.


The interior features a generous front cabin and one big amidships cabin with a spacious changing room with lots of storage space.

Design is familiar to the latest winning Marex range, but with fresh new looks at the aft, while also adding the very popular panoramic front cabin hull window.


Length: 11,99 m
Beam: 3,49 m
Engine: Single or Twin Diesel
Cruising speed: N/A
Top speed: N/A
Berths: 4 - 5

2012 : Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser

The Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser shares the design principles of her big sister, the Marex 370 Aft Cabin Cruiser.

It has a brilliant layout of 2 cabins with full headroom and a huge salon with space for 8 people to sit and a sunroof that opens incredibly wide.

Unbelievably spacious and full of character.


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Length: 9,99 m
Beam: 3,3 m
Engine: Single diesel, 300 - 370 hp
Cruising speed: 20 – 25 kt
Top speed: 27 – 30 kt
Berths: 5
M310 Sun Cruiser - EPOTY 2017 WINNER
M310 Sun Cruiser-MBA-2017