Nikl design


Nikl Design is an open-minded company, designing boats & yachts with passion since 2009. We are creating a new feel of pleasure boating with a fresh way of thinking.


Our boat development consists of complete boat design from the first sketch to an accurate 3D computer drawing (using the latest 3D CAD software), ready for the production, with support at all stages of prototype building.

Kristijan Nikl
Company founder



If you want to know more about the man behind this company,

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He was born on 9th of August 1980. It was a special day for his parents and family, but nobody knew back than that this boy will have such a big impact in boat design. Especially because his family lived in a really small town in Slovenia, located 250 kilometers from the nearest sea. They have a small farm, so he was always helping his parents with all work around the house.


His father was a truck driver and his mother is a cook. He has two big brothers, who are 9 and 11 years older than him. He was inventing since his childhood and was always keen to improve things in different areas.

Soon it became apparent that he has a highly evolved sense for drawing beautiful curves and shapes, so he joined the school group for modeling where he had his first connection with boats. At the age of only 11 years, he was drawing scaled boats and crafting them on his own. He also went to some modeling competitions representing his school and won the majority of them in different disciplines. He was known for his pride regarding own designs, so he always declined published boat plans from mainstream magazines and drew his own models.


His favorite material was wood so there was nothing surprising when he chose High school for Wood Processing where he went from a simple joiner/carpenter to the Master Degree of Wood Processing, and became skilled in theoretical and practical knowledge. In the mean time he was still modeling scaled boats in his free time. People were telling him that he did enough of studying and that he should find a job in the local area and help parents on their small farm. But instead, he decided to leave home town and went to study at the University of Ljubljana. His family could not help him financially, so he was working while studying. He graduated in the year 2006 with the highest possible degree and became a Bachelor of Wood Science and Technology.


He had a dream to be a part of the biggest and best known boat design and production company at that time in Slovenia, known as Seaway Group. People told him again, that it will be really hard or almost impossible to get a job there, but he insisted on his dreams and they became true. It did not took very long for the Jakopin brothers to see his potential, so he quickly became the main 3D CAD modeler of the Marex 370 Aft Cabin Cruiser and later he also played a important role in the development of the Greenline 33 prototype. Until today, Marex 370 ACC has won the following awards: European Powerboat of the year award 2009 and Motorboat of the year Award 2011.


But he had another dream, so he decided to leave Seaway Group in 2009. Despite really difficult times of global crisis, he started with his own boat design company. He succeeded and started working with Marex A/S on the new Marex 320 ACC, which was launched in the summer of 2012.


Additional boats are already in different design stages.



M330 - EPOTY 2022 WINNER
M3330 - BoB2021