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Added 2022/01
Marex 330 Scandinavia won the EPOTY award


Our latest project, the Marex 330 Scandinavia, just won the "Oscar of the seas" award, for the best European powerboat of 2022, held every January in Dusseldorf.

Our little gem in the length of only 10.5 m, packed with too many features to count, has proved to the judges, that it can hold its ground against even much larger boats, since it won in the category of up to 14 m of length.

Big congrats to all of those, who were involved. You know who you are.

Added 2021/11
Marex 330 Scandinavia is the best boat for family


Our Marex 330 Scandinavia just won the BoB award in the category Best for Family!

Congratulations to the Marex team and to my friend Rene Konrad, who also worked on this project during all its design and engineering stages.

Added 2020/09
The new Marex 330 Scandinavia will come soon


Where to begin....

Well, it was one of those projects, that took its time, since it was going through all the design phases multiple times, implementing quite a few last minute changes and adding a lot, and i do mean a lot, of extra features for a boat this size, while also tackling the pandemic, which meant we had to work from home for a while.

But we pushed through and gave this boat all of our smarts and all of our love.
The result is a boat in the length just below 10 m with too many features to explain them all, so here is a list:
- Full width sliding door in the cockpit
- Curtain canopy
- Double dashboard
- Pilot door!
- Full width sunroofs
- Grill, longer optional platform, foldable davits, tilting bench, roof rack, fender storage, solar roof...

The pilot door was a proper challenge.
We didn’t just make it work, but we made it also look good while opened or closed.

The hull was designed from scratch, implementing the best of our 3D design expertise.
We do hope that all of our hard work will be recognised by the owners and that they will enjoy this boat to the fullest!

For more info, go to

Special thanks go to the Marex team in Norway and Lithuania and to my collegue Rene Konrad. We did it! 


Added 2018/09
All New Marex 360 Cabriolet Cruiser


We are very proud to announce the arrival of the new boat in the Marex range, the 360 Cabriolet Cruiser.


The prototype is being build right now and it will premiere at the 2019 Dusseldorf Boat Show.


Together with our friends from Marex boats, we have given it our best, to make the new boat as great as possible. The Marex 360 CC is the successor of the old Marex 350 range. We created the largest cockpit area in its class, providing ample space for socializing in the sun and if it gets too hot, various shading solutions can be applied in a matter of seconds.


This boat is available with two different lengths of the bathing platform, while both are seamlessly integrated into the hull form.


Interior is full of natural light and provides good storage in every cabin.
Since this is a Scandinavian boat, standing height was a top priority. We made sure that everywhere you stand, there is at least 192 cm of headroom available.


For those who cherish the time behind the steering wheel the most, we provided excellent front and all-round visibility, complemented with a sliding window on the side and a front deck entrance.
We are also confident, that the performance of the hull will leave nothing to be desired. Its hard to believe, but we obsessed about the hull at the scale down to a millimeter.


We put all of our passion and attention to detail into this boat and we hope that it will be matched with the happiness of the owners.


Follow this link, to visit the homepage of the producer:


Added 2017/12
German Design Award 2018 is Ours!


NIKL is a German surname, originating somewhere in the Schwarzwald area, near Stuttgart.

Can this be the reason, that Germans love our latest project, the Marex 310 Sun Cruiser so much, that they just gave us (Marex and Nikl Design) the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD!


Obviously there is a part of German dedication and attention to detail in my blood and it helped to make that boat better.


Thank you Germany, for such an honorable award!


Added 2017/01
After London, we continued at Dusseldorf


What a ride! What a night!


The Flagship Night 2017 was a complete success! Our latest project, the Marex 310 Sun Cruiser, just received the award, like its no big deal.


We could not be prouder. It means that all our effort and sweat is also recognized by the boat community.

A big thank you, goes to E.A. and S.P. and all the guys and girls at the shipyard, who gave their best.


Added 2017/01
Best in class


Good news!


Our latest project, the Marex 310 Sun Cruiser, has won the Motorboat award in London, for being the best Sports cruiser in the range of up to 45 feet!


Congratulations also to the Marex Shipyard. We are very thankful to take part in the successful Marex history.


Added 2016/09
Is the New 2016 Marex 310 Sun Cruiser the worlds smallest superyacht? The Batliv reporter does think so!


Our all new Marex 310 was premiered at Oslo at the begining of September.

The customer feedback is stuning, since orders are coming in fast.


Kristijan NIKL, Boat Designer and co-Author of the Marex 310


The article can be seen here:


Added 2015/08
Our new Marex 375 is featured on the cover of the September issue of MBY!

We are very delighted to see our boat, all shiny and fresh, on the cover of Motorboat & Yachting Magazine.

All the work on every detail, no matter how tiny, has paid of!


See the short article here:



See what Dave Marsh has to say about it here:

Added 2014/04
3Dconnexion Customer Stories

3Dconnexion 3D mice, are the #1 choice of almost every CAD professional around the world.


I am working on a 3Dconnexion 3D mouse every day, for years, and was impressed with it from the beginning.

Being interviewed by the 3D connexion staff, was a very special moment for me, and the article can be seen on their homepage.


Check it out here:


Added 2014/03
Announcement of the new Marex 375

Marex Boats AS has announced their biggest boat to date.

We are all very excited to see it taking shape and making waves very soon.

Added 2013/05
Third win in a row.

Marex 320 ACC has won the Adriatic boat of the year award 2013.


This is a completely new competition, to reward boats that are very well suited for the Adriatic region, thus the judges are selected from Slovenia and Croatia.


Click here, to find out more:


Added 2013/04
Interview with Kristijan Nikl in the Slovenian nautical magazine, Navtika Plus

In the current issue of the Navtika Plus magazine (#15, March-April 2013), you can read a 3 page interview.

Added 2013/02
Interview with Kristijan Nikl in the Slovenian national newspaper


Kristijan Nikl was invited to have an interview with the national newspaper Delo for “The name of the day”.

"Mr Nikl designed the sophisticated boat Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser in close cooperation with Marex A/S within two years of planning, 3D design and documenting. The greatest experts in this field use only superlatives, when describing the boat."


"His plans for the future include his own design studio. Nikl Design has currently two employees, but Kristijan wants to hire two or three new employees to be able to work on multiple projects simultaneously."


You can read the whole article (in Slovenian language) on the link below:

Added 2013/01

Marex 320 ACC received another award, this time in Dusseldorf.


Each year more than 200 new boat models appear on the market. And only a few of them win in such competitions. Marex 320 ACC won again and it is for the second time this week!


The jury consisted of the testers of the seven leading European powerboat magazines from Norway, Italy, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. And they think that Marex 320 ACC "has the best compromise between handling, driving performance, comfort and safety."


Here is the link for those who want to read more:,oid,39605/lang,1/ticket,g_u_e_s_t/local_lang,1


Added 2013/01
Dusseldorf Boat Show (19. - 27. January 2013)

You are welcome to take a look at the new Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser at Dusseldorf Boat Show.

See you there.

Added 2013/01

»The best of the best from the motor boating world. «

Which are the best boats in the world and the winners of The Motor Boat of the Year Awards 2013 have been announced yesterday (14th of January 2013) at a gala evening in London.

»After intense debate, the boat test teams from Motor Boats Monthly and Motor Boat & Yachting have narrowed down hundreds of craft to a handful of potential winners« and finally judges decided which ten boats deserve these awards.


Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser won this prestigious award in category 'Trawler Yacht & Aft Cabin'.


You can check and read more here:


Added 2012/12
Marex 320ACC on front cover of Motor Boats Monthly


"Fast, frugal and full of cruising cleverness" are the words on front cover. The boat was tested by Nick Burnham, who also wrote a long article in which he is apparently impressed with "the quality of construction and sheer volume of space".


"Both cabins are so good, that it's hard to pick a master, a far cry from the usual 'one good, one average' cabins of old. Big windows offer a great view out, headroom is off the scale too..."


It is amazing that the word 'compromise' never crops out with this boat, "because the balance between space and pace has been so finaly honed", wrote Mr. Burnham.


"Wide bulwarked side decks, a large bathing platform, double spring cleats, and a large transom locker with built-in fender storage attest to this boat's practical nature."


These are just some of many excellent ratings. You can read more in the last January edition of Motor Boats Monthly.


Here is also a video with Nick Burnham testing the boat.

Added 2012/10
European powerboat of the year award 2013


Our project has been NOMINATED for this prestige award. Thank you all.

Added 2012/10
Another test of the new family boat Marex 320 ACC


The Norwegian journalist Atle Knutsen wrote that with this Marex boat "the key needs of a family were identified when they spend an extended vacation at sea:


Standing height and spaciousness, giant berths, the class most spacious and best toilet and shower facilities, a first class galley, extremely user-friendly and safe deck layout, an exemplary practical canopy that also opens up the patio, the highly social couch around the dinner table - all surrounded by a timeless design."


They were testing the boat and they think "320 ACC set a new standard for the Nordic family boats".


There is much more on the link below:

Added 2012/10
Feature in the November issue of MBY magazine

Marex 320 ACC is featured in the current issue of Motor Boat & Yachting.


Dave Marsh was testing the boat at the Southampton Boat Show and he named the Marex 320 ACC "one of our stars of Southampton". He was very excited and surprised about the fact that this smaller version of Marex 370 ACC has everything its bigger sibling has and even more. This is a mystery to him.


He also said that "a large part of the 320's success is the design of its robust but superbly moulded internal structure which is more shrewdly planned than most I've seen".


Among many others things he was totally amazed with "implausibly roomy engineroom with levels of accessibility that would shame many 50-footers".


You can read the whole article in the November issue of Motor Boat & Yachting magazine on the link below:


There is also a video with Dave Marsh available here:

Added 2012/10
10 Great Powerboats Seen at Southampton


Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser was one of them, thinks the author of article Alex Smith.


»Marex 320 ACC employs a panoramic aft space to generate the kind of accommodation you rarely see in the sub 35-foot sector. This 28-knot cruiser is another beautifully built Marex, full of sumptuous materials and first-rate workmanship.«


Added 2012/09
Southampton International Boat Show (14. - 23. September 2012)


You are welcome to take a look at our new Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser at Southampton International Boat Show where it will be exhibited by Wessex Marine for the first time in UK.


Stand/Berth is M229. See you in Southampton.


Until then, see this new video:

Added 2012/09
Marex 320 ACC official world premiere in news


There is a new article about Marex 320 Aft cabin cruiser. Journalist Terje Haugen said that "the cherry on the icing is the aft cabin with its space and views".


You can use this link to see the article:


Added 2012/06
The shipyard visit - Marex 320 ACC


There is an extensive article on about the new Marex 320 ACC, "designed in collaboration with Kristijan Nikl and Espen Aalrud" (Marex). They were simply amazed with all these great new solutions and they think it will be "difficult for other 32 footers (also larger boats) to match"


Everywhere on the boat there is plenty of space, regardless if we are talking about moving around, the engine room, or storage. "The front cabin has a clever tilted bed, good headroom and the deepest drawers that I've seen in a boat", says the author of the article.


If you are curious what else did he say about the boat, you can read the whole article here:

Added 2011/10
The NEW Marex 320 Aft Cabin Cruiser is coming in 2012


We are proud to announce, that the new 32 footer from Marex is being build and will be launched next year. Exciting times!

Added 2010/11
NEW Nikl Design homepage is finaly online

Added 2010/07
Marex 320 ACC featured in the MBY Magazine

Added 2010/05
Marex 320 ACC announced in the Batliv magazine


For more info, please visit

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